The beginning

So last July I went to Ghana to work with an amazing Non-governmental organisation (NGO) out there. This NGO is called: The Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI). I was only based out there for a month yet in that month I felt like I made a big difference to those I was working with. Whilst I was out there I kept a journal and since I have written a piece for my university’s student newspaper. Since I am now about to Graduate from my International politics degree I thought I would set up this blog to write about my time out there working with GHEI, what I have been doing since with the charity and charities/ projects that I am hoping to work with soon. And, hopefully, this will inspire some of you to also work with some of these projects or to try some others.

This blog will include parts of my journal and my reflection of my time out in Ghana with GHEI since being back in the UK. Along with being a place for me to journal my trips across the world and a place to compare the differences between different NGOs that I work with.


Author: MariaGrace93

Graduate of International Politics enjoys traveling and playing sport namely rugby

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